Thursday, May 14, 2009

Twisted Tunes

When I was commuting an hour or more to work each morning, my constant radio companions were Bob, Spike, Joe and Kaci, of the Bob Rivers Show on 102.5 KZOK radio in Seattle. They kept me laughing all the way along the 520, 405 and 5 freeways and often I arrived at work hardly even aware of the long drive or the traffic, thanks to my radio buddies.

My commute is now much shorter and Bob and friends are usually just finishing their morning show when I get into my car, but I still try to catch the last few minutes of the show, hoping for a Twisted Tune.

Bob and Spike are the talented and creative minds behind these hilarities (and Bob’s son is the producer of the best of them), and although the radio versions are great, these music videos are even better! If you live in the Seattle area, you might be able to catch one for yourself. If you’re elsewhere, here’s a little treat for you:

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1 comment:

Goofball said...

oh I actually have to listen to the lyrics? I am so bad in doing so....he he seem like fun parodies indeed

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