Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Delicious Dinner (Dedicated to Diane)

Way back in January, the week after my surgery, Tom’s former girlfriend Diane came to visit us for a day.  We ate Salmon (cooked by Chef Tom), chatted up a storm and had an all-around wonderful visit. Diane and I got along famously and my only regret was that I couldn’t be a more active hostess.

A few weeks after Diane’s visit, we received this in the mail:


She’s sent us not only a generous gift certificate to Seattle’s premier seafood restaurant, McCormick & Schmick’s, but also an accompanying cookbook so we could make some of the restaurant's delicious fare at home.


Because of my injury and then subsequent insanity at work, we haven’t been able to use the gift certificate until now.  So even though we celebrated our 26th anniversary last week with a delicious brunch at the Malty Cafe, we decided that we’d head over to the McCormick & Schmick’s restaurant on Lake Union to celebrate our anniversary yet again – this time compliments of Diane. 

(Is that weird?  I don’t think it’s weird!  Do you think it’s weird?)

When we arrived at the restaurant, we were graciously greeted and handed these menus.

Anniv menu

What a way to start the evening!

Since we had a table right over the water, we were treated to some uniquely Seattle sights – such as seaplanes…

Sea plane

…and more seaplanes…

Two sea planes

…and Argosy cruise boats.


We ordered Northwest Dungeness crab, bay shrimp and artichoke dip for an appetizer.


It was phenomenally fabulous!  Want the recipe?  Well OK, since it’s right here in our cookbook.


After the appetizer course the entertainment began.  I guess you could call it entertainment, anyway.


A bunch of teenage girls were posing and giggling and goofing off, for… a photographer!  I couldn’t get both in the picture, so you’ll just have to imagine a guy on a boat snapping away.  This was an impromptu “show” – both for us and, obviously, for the photographer!

Then the girls jumped into the water!  Brrrrr!


After the “show,” our meals came. 

Warning: the following photos will probably make you salivate!

(No descriptive words necessary.)





You want the recipes, you say?  Well, OK… thanks to Diane!  Thank her, not me.



By the time we finished our dinners we were completely stuffed and oh, so content.  And then the waitress brought this


…and wished us a happy anniversary! 

After dinner, we were not only too full too move, we were too drunk to drive, so walked around a bit and I took a few drunken photos.





Oh, and speaking of drunk…


So drunken Tom and I (no, I didn’t allow him to grab the camera!) would like to thank Diane for a MOST delightful evening!  Thanks Diane!

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Margaret said...

This time I prefer your meal to Tom's--it looks scrumptious. What was that dessert, a cupcake?

Anonymous said...

No! It's the cupcake eating it!

christina said...

Oh my god, that all look SO good. I REALLY miss those kinds of restaurants. No decent fish around here for miles.

Jen said...

This had me DROOLING! I've so wanted to try McCormick and Schmick's. Yum.

Goofball said...

one word: JEALOUS!

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