Tuesday, May 26, 2009

25 Years!

Happy birthday, Elisabeth!

I clearly remember when this picture was taken.  You had recently begun really connecting and interacting (and you haven’t stopped since), and I remember thinking “Magic – this is absolute magic!”


As  cliché as it sounds, it seems like just yesterday and I’m amazed (and a bit dismayed!) at how quickly the years have passed.  You’re still ever-curious, still in love with life, and still engaging people around you with your friendly, happy-go-lucky demeanor.

I love you!

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christina said...

Sweeet picture! Aren't babies grand? Even when they turn 25. :-)
Happy Birthday, Elisabeth!

Shriyansi said...

Oy proud mommy! What a cute pic... You make me want to have babies right away!
Happy Birthday Elisabeth! May all your years be as happy and grand as the last 25 have been. :)
Big love to you both!

Lilly said...

What a wonderful photo. You look very cute and Elisabeth looks like the most beautiful baby!
Happy Birthday to you both....

Goofball said...

ooh that's such a fun picture!

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