Thursday, May 28, 2009

Matrimony, Maltby Cafe Style

Unlike the very elaborate celebration of our 25th wedding anniversary last year, we celebrated our 26th anniversary today quietly, relatively frugally and without the great gift-giving sessions of our Silver wedding anniversary

Today we simply ate great food – and a lot of it.

The Maltby Cafe, which is just a short drive down a forested and beautiful (and very windy and curvy) road from our house is pretty well-known around Seattle. The food is out-of-this-world delicious, the service is great, and the atmosphere is homey, to say the least.  The cafe is located in the basement of an gymnasium, built in 1937 as an addition to the schoolhouse next door, which was built in 1907.

This is the schoolhouse…


… and this is the gymnasium.  But the entry to the cafe is on the side. See that little brown door there on the left?


Yeah, that one.


Other than the phenomenal food and service, what I like best about the Malty Cafe are the walls.  No really.  The walls of the former basement of the former gymnasium are made out of dried straw and mud!  See?


Oh, but the food!

The breakfasts at the Maltby Cafe are famous.  Just look at this menu and I promise, your mouth will start watering – more if you’ve been there already because you know how incredibly tasty everything is!

This morning I got the vegetarian omelette with fresh spinach instead of olives:


Tom got the California omelette:


And here’s one of the Maltby Cafe’s famous cinnamon rolls – which we didn’t eat… this time!

Cinnamon roll

Yes, it really is that huge.

Fabulous!  And we’re not the only ones who think so:


That’s just one wall; the other walls are filled with menus signed by famous people who have eaten at this out-in-the-boonies, hole-in-the-wall of a restaurant.

Did I mention that the servings at the Maltby Cafe are huge? It’s now 9 PM and there’s no way I can eat dinner tonight or anything else until at least morning!

But by October, we MUST go back – because look what I just discovered!!  Ach du LIEBER – just look at Tuesday!

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Jen said...

Happy 25th, Carol! Looks like it was a great way to start the next 25 years!

Treff said...

Happy 25th!The hubby and I didn't go out to eat very often (the grad student thing puts a dent in the wallet) but when we did, we ALWAYS ended up going to Maltby Cafe. We LOVED it there.

Margaret said...

Happy 26th, I think? The food looks wonderful; I would choose Tom's meal. I am all over that sour cream.

Anonymous said...

Carol, I would eat their everyday for the entire week! Happy 26th wedding anniversary. DH and I celebrate 17 years on May 30th, but he will still be in Moldova, so we will have to celebrate via Skype.

jen said...

Happy Anniversary, Carol. Thinking of you.

christina said...

Happy Anniversary! That food looks delicious. We'll have to remember that one the next time we're in the States.

Shriyansi said...

Happy Anniversary Carol and Tom!! :) Oh you guys are just so lovely... I just had to go back and read your posts from last year! Those 25 rules are just fantastic. Atul and I have a long way to go in catching up with your wisdom, but we're hoping to grow up and be just like you two. :)
Love you to bits!

J said...

belated happy anni!

That cinnamon roll made me very hungry.

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