Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Question for my readers…

Some people apparently don’t see the right sidebar of my blog – the whole column containing my profile, a collage, my Tweets, a chronological index to posts, content tags, my blog roll, my followers, my traffic feed, and some fun things like awards and pictures.

Blog question

I haven’t been able to pin-point a particular OS or browser that might be causing this issue, but I’m on a mission to solve it because really, how boring to have posts and only posts without the fun stuff?!

Can you do me a favor and just leave a quick comment, telling me whether or not my right sidebar appears for you, along with what OS and browser you’re using and (especially if you’re a geek) any other information you think might be useful?  Many thanks! 

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susandennis said...

i can see on:

xp w/ Chrome
xp w/ firefox
win7 w/ie8
win7 w/Chrome

no can see on:

vista w/ie7
xp w/ ie8

Anonymous said...

I use Safari and can see you perfectly!


Home's Jewels said...

I can see everything on firefox, but the right side was the last to load and for some reason it took a while.

loren2h said...

Vista ie7 and I can see you just fine. Vista is home version.

Margaret said...

I have firefox on Windows XP and it comes through fine.

Anonymous said...

I am not a geek at all,
But I can see everything just fine.
Greetings from Texas,

vailian said...

Works for me in Opera on Vista and XP and Linux Ubuntu, with firefox on Vista, XP, and Ubuntu.
I avoid IE like the plague.

honeypiehorse said...

I see it fine in explorer

Marco said...

Hey there Carol, it appears that you have not capped the number of posts on the home page of your blog--I tried to count them but stopped after 10!

The browser takes time to load all of these posts before it begins to load the right side bar. So on some slower connections, the page load might timeout before the browser has time to load the side bar.

The solution: cap the number of posts that show up on the home page to about 7-8. You can do this by logging into your Blogger account, and clicking on 'Settings'. Then click the 'Settings' tab, and finally click 'Formatting'. Select the number of blog posts to show on the home page in the first entry on this page.

Voila: fewer posts to load=faster page loads!

Unknown said...

My OS is Vista (Home Premium) and I use Mozilla Firefox(V3.0.8) Google Chrome(V1.0.154.59) and IE(V8.0.6001)
and your sidebar shows up on all of them just fine.


christina said...

I can see your side bar with IE7 and OS WinXP Home Edition.

Anonymous said...


The right column loads slower than the left, but all appears to be there.


Unknown said...

I can see it fine with XP and Firefox

Nikki said...

I can see it via Safari on my Mac Book running on Leopard. :)

AstroYoga said...

I see it using Windows XP using Mozilla (Beta version)

Rositta said...

Firefox for me and I see it just fine...ciao

Unknown said...

It might actually be a page weight thing. You have your entire blog all loading on one page - probably around 8-10 Megabytes. If you are low on memory, it may not render the right-rail

Goofball said...

yes I can see your sidebar although it was loading slowly.

using MS Vista Home and IE 7.0 (all in Dutch settings)

Anonymous said...

Yep, I can see the right side and I'm on a Mac with OS 10.7.something. :oD


Anonymous said...

Oh yeah...Safari is the browser.

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