Monday, April 06, 2009

Springtime at Microsoft

Sing it with me now…!


Where did this come from?  These trees weren’t PINK last week!


The sky wasn’t blue last week!


It wasn’t almost 70 degrees last week!

Could it be that winter in Seattle is OVER?  Is that even fathomable?  Sure, I have this constant reminder of ice and snow attached to my foot (I even put full weight on it for a nanosecond in physical therapy this morning!), but if there was ever a year when we need Spring, it’s this year!

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Tonya said...

Oh, it's been lovely! Which makes it even MORE difficult to WORK! In Washington we should have these days as holidays.

Goofball said...

Yeah yeah winter is over in Seattle. Spring is there to stay (let's be optimistic, ok?)

Hurray for spring and sunny weather and softer temperatures!

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