Saturday, April 04, 2009

Baby steps

Nora turns one in May and she’s already trying hard to take her first unaided steps.  Her mom, Rebekah (my office mate) just sent me this picture, obviously just to taunt me (and make me swoon):


Lest you think I’m easily intimidated, Nora… backatcha!


I do not wilt under pressure, my sweet.  In fact, my resolve to walk alone, without a boot or crutch, only grows when your mommy sends Blackberry photos to me, boasting “the race is on!”

You might or might not walk before I do, Nora, but I give you this: on the cuteness scale, you definitely come in FIRST PLACE!

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Anonymous said...

And you've got more hair, too! LOL

That is a seriously cute baby, and GO CAROL!!!


Rositta said...

I've got two more surgeries ahead of me, one on my foot that healed badly when I broke it two years ago and another hip replacement. I'll have to learn to take baby steps too sigh...

Sharon Lee Mandel said...

I don't know Carol, you are pretty cute yourself! I was glad to read that you put away the magical knee walker. It is a step in the right direction. No pun intended. It will be painful, so like Nora, baby steps. Don't overdo it. Rest and elevate. You will both be racing around this summer! At least Rebekah won't have to chase you!

wendy said...

Everytime I look at your blog I get so homesick for the Pacific Northwest. Good luck with the "walk" contest. I'm not sure who to put my money on.

honeypiehorse said...

Congrats, that baby's got nothin' on you!

Goofball said...

I think you win the race for the best sense of humour for sure!

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