Monday, December 11, 2006


(Disregard... Editing profile photo.)

Or attempting to! Blogger won't accept a URL for a profile photo from Flickr OR *even* from within Blogger -- which is what this was an attempt at. My intent was to do exactly what they say: post a blog entry containing the new photo I intend to use in my profile (this one; I can only hold my arms out for so long!), copy the URL of the photo from the HTML tab, paste it into the appropriate option in the profile editing page, then delete this post.

But noooooo... I get this error message: "Cannot find file at specified URL: link is broken (failed request)." I tried to upload four different photos (of varying sizes) and was greeted -- no, accosted -- with that error message upon each attempt. So, bull! (And grrrrr!)

As I just posted earlier today, techy stuff isn't really my forte. I can trudge through it and put on a fairly decent act, but truth be told, I have no clue what I'm doing and just follow my intuition. Sometimes it works; tonight it didn't. (And while we're at it, what's the deal with the spacing between paragraphs mysteriously closing up upon publication?!)

(Addendum: Double-grrrr! I started just futzing around, basically trying to upload ANY photo. The first 6 or so didn't work -- thank goodness -- but then this one worked. 'Fine,' I thought, 'Just lemme get the better, cropped version.' But noooooo... So it looks like I have a new profile picture by default... not be choice! Did I say Grrrrrrrrr?!)

Which reminds me -- Kat and Aleks got iPods as early Christmas presents so they can load them up before we leave for Hawaii (one more day!), but mid-way through, Kat's laptop "went blue screen" (which is essentially a techy's "code blue" and often means imminent death). Apparently the main hard drive suddenly couldn't be found... but of course we knew it existed! Nothing we did helped. Even my tech-intuition was hopeless! (Pfffft!) Kat was understandably pretty upset, since she not only couldn't upload the rest of her songs, but she couldn't take her laptop to Hawaii (yes, we're all addicted). Today she decided to try one last thing before junking the ol' geezer (which I got from my old organization when I left in April): she shook it. First one way, then another. And finally --oh god, I'm glad I wasn't there; I'd have had a heart attack! -- she DROPPED it!!

Yup. Dropped it.

You guessed it. She booted it up and voila -- it worked perfectly!! Dropping her laptop seems to have FIXED it! I'll never be able to pay those exorbitant IT fees again! And all you techies out there, take note!

Oh, and could you also possibly tell me how to get a new photo on my profile? Short of dropping my laptop, anyway.

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Betsy said...

Great picture!

Blogger was acting up with me yesterday too- maybe it was just PMS'ing. I'll bet if you tried to upload your profile photo today it would work fine.

Glad to hear that Kat's laptop works now! I'll file the advice away but wonder if I'll be too chicken to use it when the time comes?

Enjoy your holiday!

blackcrag said...

On Flikr, go to the all sizes, chose the thumbnail version, then scroll down past the html code to copy the url info-a separate string of code.

I just changed my profile pic, and had problems because I kept copying the html code into the profile pic space when all it wanted was the url code. It worked fine once I got it right. (Look up to see).

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