Saturday, December 30, 2006

I'll Be More Brainy Again Next Week...

... but I've been on vacation and have felt significantly less cerebral for the past few weeks! Next week I'm sure I'll have more poignant observations and more interesting things to say -- especially since I'll start my new job on Tuesday.

Tom, Kat and I spent the afternoon and evening at the wedding of Elisabeth's best friends Tara and Ryan, who have been together for the past 6 years, since high school. (And yes, I still think they're too young to get married!) Unfortunately, when I turned on my camera to take the first picture (of Elisabeth, a bridesmaid, walking down the aisle), the battery light came on and the camera turned off. So I was forced to just enjoy the moment and not visually document a single thing. :-/

It was a beautiful, classy wedding that began with the bishop just casually talking about marriage and how it changes over the years. As he spoke, you could see couples our age (those married over 20 years) scootch slightly closer together or gently put an arm around a spouse's shoulder. "Love will likely change slowly throughout your marriage," he told Tara and Ryan, "from the head-over-heels love you feel now to a more mellow, more mature, but in many ways, a deeper love..." How true.

I didn't like being 50 today. I'll admit a little-known fact about me: I was a BIG flirt in my youth (much like my daughters are now) and it was odd for me to think that I'm really too old to be flirting any more with anyone but my husband (which I still do). But even without the flirting (or much of it, anyway!), I so enjoyed dancing -- to mostly 70's music, oddly enough -- and visiting and yes, even sipping a few glasses of champagne -- which helped to make the dancing really, really fun!

I love weddings because they make me think back to our own Big Day waaaay back in 1983. It really was one of the best days of my life -- so happy and so filled with love and hope and joy! And yes, love DOES change, but in many ways it's gotten better.

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