Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sudden Realization

OK, it's not that sudden -- more "persistent."

As we sat waiting for the botched flight to leave Seattle, I made the call and accepted the job offer! I'll post more about the job after I have a chance to absorb it all, but it's basically perfect for me, encompassing everything I want in a job! I've never hired and managed so many people before, nor have I established and run an entire office... but I'm up for it and hopefully I'll be good at it.

I'll start work on January 2nd, but I'll work at home for the first two weeks while the office space (apparently my office has views of the Space Needle, EMP and the Puget Sound!) is being established.

As much as I love my career, I must admit that Tom and I have pondered ways to stay in Hawaii. He keeps mentioning "Carolita's Fish Tacos." Hmmmm... sounds better and better with each mai-tai on the lanai, snorkeling adventure, and late-night warm ocean beach walk!

It'll be hard to go back -- EVEN to something as exciting as this new position.

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Dixie said...

Wow! New job! New adventures and opportunities! Congratulations!

surfie999@gmail.com said...

the tropics are enticingly indolent, thats why the great thinkers come from cold areas!!!
BUT......hell, the tropics is a great place to live......ideal location.....at altitude in the tropics. Need to pick the spot, and lots are too salubriuous - vice in Nairobi, no facilities in Darjeeling, war in Snrigar.....or even Papua New Guinea has the odd intertribal war, not too mention a few nasty volcanoes. Vice cuts out much of S America too. Malaysia is not too bad, especially Sabah - with mountians nearby for the odd "too hot" day and of course Hawaii, Inland and elevated near Brisbane Australia is ideal - close to a big city for "the lights" good surf nearby, plus education and health facilities.

DEFINITELY beats Seattle!

surfie999@gmail.com said...

Oh, I forgot that "island of the Gods" - BALI. Now you are talking! Ubud, rather than Kuta or Sanur is a better place to live - 350m altitude, and lots of great restaurants too, plus the inimicable vists of Gunung Agung, rice fields and rural views, all in a neat package. Keep out of nightclubs and the bombs won't get you either. Plus the great surfing spots such as Uluwatu and the offshore bomboras. Ah.....dreams and more dreams!!!!

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