Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Our Holiday Card

Happy holidays from our family to yours! I usually get our holiday cards out during the first week in December, but not this year! And I usually write a silly poem to accompany the collage, but I'm not sure yet if that will happen this year... I'm still awaiting inspiration!

The next week will be busy for sure, with my mother- and brother-in-law arriving for a week's visit tomorrow, cooking a traditional German sauerbraten and kaese spaetzle dinner the next day (we look forward to it all year!), Elisabeth's best friend's wedding on the 30th (yes, she's far too young to get married), one scrapbook to finish (my MIL's) and one to start (Hawaii)... and preparations for beginning my new job after that.

But of course I'll always find time to blog!

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Michelle said...

The pictures from the trip are beautiful - I'm dying to see the beach right about now and no plans in sight. Hope you had a great Christmas and all the Best in 2007!

Was that your hot tub?

Anonymous said...

MMM,sauerbraten. That's what I always fix on Christmas Day. Hubby and I spent the day by ourselves, as usual, but Son #1 came over yesterday after a long and wet hike and was only too happy to scarf (sp?) down the left-overs along with six potato dumplings.

That's a shame about your hot tub. We were lucky and survived without any damage, but Son #1 lost a huge tree that took out the garage of the neighbor two doors down along with his power pole. He was without power until this past Saturday.

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