Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A Heartbreaking News Story

I don't know the Kim family, nor do I know anyone who knows them, but I feel so connected to this story and today my heart is breaking for Kati Kim, James' wife, and their two young daughters. The James family had come from the Bay Area to Seattle for Thanksgiving and were making their way back when they apparently decided to take a diversionary scenic route (I-5 can be a long, boring stretch of road for 16 hours) and somehow got caught in a snowstorm and stuck in the Oregon wilderness. Maybe I feel connected to this story because I have close connections to all three locations -- Seattle, the Bay Area, and the Southern Oregon region where the family was trapped (which is very close to where my father lives).

I just can't even fathom what James' close-knit family might be going through right now, so shortly after the news broke that he was found dead. Those adorable little girls with no father, that obviously smart and loving wife with no husband, and the extended family that is obviously so close... it's just so sad. Even the sheriffs who broke the news to the media could barely hold it together. And just before the holidays... It must be excruciating and I wish there were something I could do.

That sad story and the mysterious dizziness that gripped me this morning and hasn't let go, has pretty much paralyzed me today. I still have so much to do and I just can't seem to get things going! This isn't like me at all; I'm usually such a do-er.

I've also been expecting that my references would be contacted regarding my most recent job prospect, but so far none has. If an offer doesn't come through on this one, I will definitely have my resume professionally re-written. I was contacted by a recruiter recently about a job and he strongly recommended it. His reasoning and suggestions made total sense to me, and I definitely need to do something drastic to move things along.

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christina said...

Oh this is so tragic! There was an article in our local paper yesterday reporting that the mother and girls had been found but that James was still missing. I'm saddened to read of his death. What a painful experience for the family.

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