Saturday, February 06, 2010

These bloomin’ crocuses are bloomin’ in our bloomin’ yard – in bloomin’ FEBRUARY!


It’s 60 degrees, sunny and clear enough to see Mt. Rainier, the Olympics and the Cascades from Seattle today!  Glorious!

In sadder news, Boo got a boo-boo and is acting like a big fat baby:


In still more news, this is the line at the Bellevue Department of Licensing at 8:15 this morning, 15 minutes before they even opened!  There were already hundreds of people in line.


The wait inside for an enhanced driver’s license for Aleks and Kat was another 1 -2 hours!  A word to the wise: if you have to go to the DOL… well, geeze – I have no advice because we did get there way early, and we still encountered a helluva wait!  There has to be a better way to get the stuff accomplished…

And the last item in my potpourri-post: my Microsoft v-dash conveniently expired a week before my tenure at Microsoft will expire, next Friday.  (A v-dash identity is connected to a specific sponsored project at Microsoft, not to the agency for whom you work.) 


This means that I can no longer get into any buildings on campus without an escort, that I can’t access the internal Microsoft network, and that I can’t take Puget Sound public transportation anywhere for free. (That one hurts… even if I never used it.)  Maybe next week I’ll write a post on things I’ll miss about Microsoft and things I won’t miss so much.  There are, in fact, items in each category.

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susandennis said...

Your v-dash badge gets you free bus transportation? How? I know it used to, but I thought that benefit dried up 5 or 6 years ago. My v-dash badge never got me on a bus but maybe it's because I quit trying when the new rules went into effect. Hmmm. I am off to do some research!

(and you think no one reads to the bottom... hehnehe and congrats on your new job)

susandennis said...

omg, you are exactly right!!! I just signed up and now all I have to do is go to a receptionist and pick up the card! And just yesterday, I added $20 to my Orca card. Oh well, never again. Thank you! Now I can't wait to read about the other things you miss - I need to see if I'm missing anything else!

Goofball said...

crocusses are always very early, don't they always pop-up when we still think it's winter? stubborness appearing from through a layer of snow?

Boo is hilarious! I want to hug that cat.

What's that driver's licence line for? what a mess

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