Saturday, February 13, 2010

Celebrating my absinthe

So my co-workers threw me two farewell celebrations yesterday – a formal management-sponsored lunch and then a completely informal co-worker-sponsored evening party where Morgan, this blog’s biggest fan (c’mon Morgan, you know you secretly love my blog!) treated me to the ceremonial tradition of absinthe:


Tamei, Morgan’s lovely wife, is a culinary genius! I can’t tell you what any of this is called, but I can tell you that it was fabulous! IMG_3173

(And thanks to Morgan and Tamei’s constant raving about their KitchenMaid mixer, I have a feeling we might be seeing one of those grace our kitchen counter in a matter of, oh… days.)




Rebekah and I didn’t have this much fun sharing an office at work. Than again, we also didn’t have bottomless glasses of wine at work.


Rebekah’s grin is the result of a much-needed glass of wine because she’s way overworked these days. My grin, on the other hand, is the result of having been overworked for two years and now having no work at all!

I’m actually gonna miss these guys!


Laid back? Yeah, Patricia actually is laid back – is spite of an insane workload.


I’ll miss Elmer. That guy is always happy and always laughing, no matter how insane work gets. There’s a lesson there, ya know! We can all learn from him…

So now it’s on to new adventures with a new team.

But first, a week off to rejuvenate and clear my head… as well as to clean a few rooms and maybe even install some carpet. (Netflix numbness? I have a feeling NOT!)

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1 comment:

Tonya said...

That food looks SCRUMPTIOUS! Congrats to you. Insane workloads are for the birds. Enjoy your week!

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