Sunday, February 07, 2010

Lest you think I’ll be lazing around on my week off…

The coming Friday is my last day at my current job.  It has been a frenetic and intense two years of 12 to 16-hour days managing at least 100 Microsoft marketing projects, each with up to 50 individual components, across at least 25 different Microsoft business units for clients who ranged from reasonable and friendly to unreasonable and unfriendly and I am weary, burned-out, and bone-tired.  It is only fair to both myself and to my new employer to take a week out to clear my head, rejuvenate my spirit, and focus in a whole new direction before jumping into my first day of work later this month.

While figuratively purging the Microsoft-induced mess from my head during my week off, I will be literally purging some messes around the house.  Normally I give the garage a good cleaning about once a year, but last year both my broken ankle and my brutal job kept me from doing much maintenance around the house.

So next week I plan to be busy taking care of a few things around here:

Bills need to be paid…


…a thick file of paperwork, bills, and insurance documents related to my broken ankle need to be organized and (hallelujah!) filed away…


…and two years worth of bills and paperwork (yes, those three boxes are all filled with to-be-filed paperwork) need to be filed into the physical cabinet.  I know… it’s the German in me that makes me hold onto and file physical documents when I know quite well that I probably don’t need to hold on to 90% of this stuff.


Then of course, there’s these important things that need to be done ASAP:


(Seriously, does anyone really feel this way about taxes?!)

And this, times three:


Once I finish all that paperwork and filing, there’s a garage that desperately needs attention – especially after three kids came home from college for the summer and left furniture and household items here after moving to the Greek system or moving into houses with friends.  Oh lordy, lordy – look what awaits me:




My blood pressure rises just looking at that mess… and then falls again at the thought of it cleaned, purged, and organized (and no, I do not want the kids’ “help” doing this stuff!)!

Then there are a few closets in the house that need attention…



…and some bedrooms that, with a little consolidating and spiffing, could pretty easily be made guest-ready:

IMG_3131 IMG_3132

Then there’s a deck that needs replacing…


…and a roof that I might as well just say is one of those “green” roofs because -- well, it is!  Ah, life in the Pacific Northwest…


Actually, just kidding on those last two, which are definitely out of my realm and into Tom’s.  Or maybe they’re into the realm of we-pay-someone-to-do-it-and-thereby-get-it-done-in-a-fraction-of-the-time.  Yeah, I think that’s the ticket on the deck and the roof!

Tom’s plenty busy doing stuff like this, replacing the track lighting in the living room with fraction-of-the-cost LED lights that I like a fraction-of-the-amount that I like the “normal” lights that were there.


So that’s my to-do list for next week.  Do me a favor and keep after me, because you know what I’ll want to do all week? 



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Anon said...
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c said...

I think you deserve a netflix week. Maybe get some of that important paperwork done, but all that other organizing work looks like it won't mind waiting a little longer! Maybe pamper yourself instead...

vailian said...

My orchestra has an unexpected reprieve this week! Will be attacking the usual undone responsibilities.
I feel your pain with the LED strip. They made an attempt a couple of years ago to replace our music stand lighting with this technology. The salesman was lucky to get out of the opera house alive.
I think the test is: point one of the lights at your face and view the result in the mirror. If you don't like the result, don't buy the light.

Anonymous said...

Don't panic. One thing at a time. Or maybe you should just watch that movie and let it all go!!!

Goofball said...

yikes, I think I'd rather continu to work than achieve such a huge to do list. All that nasty paper work....:(

good luck with it

Goofball said...

I think starting by just one thing, not thinking about the rest is the best approach and you reward yourself with a movie after every finished chore! how about that?

Carol said...

A movie after each chore? Great idea!

jennifer said...

Maybe no one gets excited about doing their taxes but I'd actually be excited about tackling that garage project!

But, ugh, all the stuff in those bedrooms too, urghhhh. I think a visit from the Goodwill truck may be in your future!!

p.s. the German in me does the same thing with the paperwork. I have two 4-drawer filing cabinets and everything is filed immaculately, yet I probably only need about 1/10 of it all!!

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