Friday, February 12, 2010

I know I said I’d disconnect, but that was before I found THIS:


vaio front Vaio top Even though I won’t begin my new job for another week, my new boss encouraged to pick out a laptop and “make it mine” now so I can jump right in on my first day at work. Geek that I am, I was shopping for a new machine within an hour of bequeathing mine to the new project manager who has been hired in my place.

So far I’m loving this "espresso" Vaio! It’s fast and sleek and very friendly. I especially like the button just above the keyboard that allows me to just turn off the display. No “start/sleep,” just press and it’s done. There’s also a “web”button that allows super-fast access to a browser. And thank goodness, there are no pesky ports on the front of the machine that get in the way of my docking station. It’s the little things like that endear me to a laptop.

My only complaint so far is a very faint pulsing noise in the fan, but I have a feeling that will become one of those things that becomes un-noticeable over time. Either that or it will drive me completely bonkers and I’ll end up returning the thing!

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Goofball said...

yippee you didn't disconnect...but stop making us jealous now

AstroYoga said...

My Vaio fan is the bane of my existence! I need to replace it (I have had it since the end of 2006), and it has just gotten progressively louder. Now, I hope that replacing it will solve the problem, but a lot of places won't replace it for me because you have to, literally, take apart the entire laptop to get to the fan, and the fan itself is bloody expensive as it is. I plan on replacing it myself, but the fan is still somewhere around 100 bucks!

'nough said.

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