Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Beautiful Seattle weekend (posted 4 days late)

Last weekend, Tom and I attended the Gottman Institute's Couples’ Workshop at Seattle Center which, as I wrote in my previous post, was amazing.  What I didn’t write about was the glorious Seattle weather last weekend.  It’s raining again now, but last weekend was one of those times when everyone in Seattle was out playing and no one wanted to live anywhere else on earth.  (Why yes, I am indeed being presumptuous and speaking for all Seattleites!)

Elisabeth and CJ are still house-sitting on Queen Anne which is just a 2-minute walk to Seattle Center where the conference was held, so we stayed at “the Villa” on Saturday night…

IMG_3324 IMG_3326

…and of course, I could hardly stop snapping pictures from the house…

 IMG_3349SI IMG_3351SI

…and at Seattle Center on our conference breaks:


The Pacific Science Center


The view of the Olympic Mountains from Seattle Center


The tree says Winter but the sky says Spring!

IMG_3340 International Fountain


Hangin’ with whales

We “double dated” with Elisabeth and CJ at Wild Ginger, an amazing Seattle restaurant with incredible Asian fare and passed the camera around.


Awwww – a cute, normal couple!

And then there’s the pictorial story of what 27 years of marriage (and a really cool marriage workshop) does to a couple:

IMG_3308  IMG_3312 IMG_3314 IMG_3315

When did we age?  When did that happen?!

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1 comment:

Margaret said...

I don't live in Seattle, but still close enough to love the weather and the mountain views. The blue sky and sun were invigorating. Your photos are beautiful. You don't look a day over 30!!

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