Saturday, June 04, 2011

Introducing Quinn, the newest (and cutest) member of our family!

What do we do when our kids are all adults and have, for the most part, flown the nest?  We find someone to baby!

Introducing Quinn – our sweet, calm, loving, adorable Golden Retriever puppy !


Her name is short for Quinnalt, in keeping with our “mountains and lakes” theme for our dogs’ names.

Quinn is our third Golden Retriever.  We got Tahoe in 1990 when we had four kids under the age of five at home and, in an insane but wonderful move, decided to add a puppy to the mix.


Tahoe was with us from 1990 to 2004  She died suddenly on Christmas morning that year – the same year that my mother died on April 11th, which was Easter morning.

Coincidentally, Shasta was born a year to the day after my mom died – April 11, 2005.  She was an adorable puppy, wasn’t she?!


And in another interesting coincidence, Quinn was born six years to the day after Shasta, as we found out as we signed her adoption papers!  So it seems that April 11th is multi-significant day for beloved souls in our family.

All the Snider humans adore Quinn --


(Tom is adoring her from afar until Monday, as he’s traveling.  But we’re updating inundating him with photos!)

Quinn absolutely adores Shasta…


…but Shasta isn’t so sure yet.


But we’re not worried.  I have a feeling they’ll be fast friends. 

Especially because Quinn has taken an instant liking to tennis balls!  How did THAT happen so fast?!


Poor Quinn has had quite a day, and she can’t keep her eyes open anymore!


Yeah, I think we’ve all fallen madly in love!


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LBaum said...

Simply adorable! All puppies are cute of course, but a golden retriever puppy is the cutest--and Quinn is the cutest of the cutest! Shasta will be such a good "trainer" for Quinn. They are beautiful together, and exactly the same color. Just think ... twice the hair, but at least it will all match. :-)


Lorrene said...

I love cute dog pictures. One of my favorite is the pretty girl holding the smiling Quinn. I think Shasta loves that puppy, and she is trying to teach him some manners.

Michelle said...

Very cute pics of both of the dogs. Abby is going to have fun playing with them both. :)

Goofball said...

oooooooooooooooh :)

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