Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The effect of puppy chow and snuggles on a Golden Retriever puppy

They grow!


Quinn loves the camera – thank goodness!

And she also loves Shasta.


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handinhandaus said...

Just had to leave a note and say how much my son and I have loved the pics and video of Quinn and of course Shasta. Thanks for putting smiles on our faces :)

Carol said...

Thanks T! We're kind of enjoying both of them too -- minus the constant puddles and piles!

It's good to know SOMEONE is still reading my blog!


Michelle said...

The dogs look good together. They will be friends for life. Quinn is getting soo big. Thanks for keeping your blog going. I read it everyday. :)

Michelle said...

So, so adorable! But I always like it when they get past the shark teeth stage ;-)

Goofball said...

nice pictures

LBaum said...

Quinn is growing up fast! Her face is already changing from cute puppy to beautiful "tween." Shasta and Quinn are really gorgeous together! I still say you have great pics for a golden retriever calendar.


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