Friday, June 10, 2011

Easy Canvas Prints–a product review

I often get requests to review products on my blog.  I turn down 99% of them because I don’t want my blog to become a commercialized product blog.  However, once in a blue moon I’ll accept the offer – with the stipulation that I make no promises to review the product on my blog.  In fact, I go even further and stipulate that I will review the product if I love it or if I hate it but not if I’m indifferent to it.  The risk of a bad review or no review is the company’s to take.

When Megan from Easy Canvas Prints wrote to me, we had just finished painting the living room and had plans to paint the bedroom and family room.  The thought of a personalized photo on canvas was intriguing, so I accepted her offer and proceeded to order one of the photos of our goofy family as a canvas print. 


I love the result!  See that canvas texture? Love it!


I had the choice of how I want the edges – thinner or thicker and wrapped with a continuous photo image, a mirrored photo image, or in black.  I think the black makes it look more like a “museum print.”


They even finished it off with a hanger for me.  (It’s the little things…)


I decided that the perfect place for the new canvas print of our family is in the “gallery hall” downstairs. 


Because we have a crazy split level house, visitors will see it when they walk in the door, along the other portrait of us that I love (but it’s now about ten years old).


I wouldn’t say this unless I believed it (because this is not a product review blog!), but I really do like this idea and the resulting product! 

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jennifer said...

The best thing about that pic is that you actually got SMILES from all the BOYS! (that includes Tom, BTW)

Goofball said...

ha, I'm just checking out a site that allows you to create a roomwide wallpaper picture . That seemed kinda cool to me to have a huge picture covering an entire wall

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