Monday, October 18, 2010

“Investment Kitty”

Remember when, on the day we left for Germany a few years ago, Boo had some massive injury to his belly?

And remember more recently when a “silly nothing” on his paw turned out to be cancer?

And then more cancer?

That’s when we started calling him “Investment Kitty.” 

Today it’s “Sir Investment Kitty.”

Good thing we love this guy to pieces!

When the vet told us today that the wounds on his back were abscessed bite marks from some animal fight he’d be in, instead of metastasized cancer as we feared, we were thrilled – and more than happy to do what it takes to fix him all up.

This is what it took:

IMG_7598 IMG_7599

What?  You want to see the bill?  It’s equally as horrifying!

Bailey thinks Boo is just weird:


But Boo is just pissed – and hopefully drugged enough that he won’t remember this misery.  Poor, poor Boo!

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Tonya said...

Oh no! The Cone of Hell!

Lynn said...

Poor Boo with his boo boo and the horrible cone too! As much as dogs dislike the cone, cats despise them even more because it messes up their coolness factor. Most all of our cats, and we've had many over the years, have had abcesses at some time. They can be really nasty. Hope Boo gets well quickly!


Kathrin said...

Ohhh, poor Boo! I hope Boo heals fast so he can get the cone off!

Goofball said...

well I'm so glad for this diagnosis though. glad it is no cancer.

I'm sure poor Boo will be released of that awefull cone soon enough?

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