Friday, October 08, 2010

A Fall walk (and a salmon run!) in the Pacific Northwest

It was a glorious Fall day on Wednesday!


So Shasta and I took a long Fall walk.  When I left for Southern California last week, it still felt like late summer, but when I returned five days later, it was most definitely FALL around here! The leaves have definitely begun to change colors and fall…





(I would like this house, thankyouverymuch.)



Spiders are everywhere!  Is this a seasonal thing?)

IMG_7409     Blackberries are pretty much everywhere in the Pacific Northwest, taking over everything.  If we’re not careful, the entire city of Seattle will be blanketed with them… which would be a good thing for about 3 weeks each August and an awful thing the whole rest of the time.


(But he can feed himself!)


He lives right around the corner.  What a sweet guy!


Bear Creek, where the salmon are running now, is in our neighborhood, so Shasta and I headed to the creek to check things out.IMG_7455   

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Lorrene said...

Thanks for sharing the beauty. I loved the salmon spawning. That was a first for me.

c said...

You are so lucky to see the salmon. Here in the bay area I and my son have gone every year to the streams where the salmon should be and I think we've seen one salmon. Their numbers have diminished here.

Goofball said...

we had some glorious sunny days as well but the colors of the trees don't change as beautifully over here. Thanks for the salmon too

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