Sunday, October 03, 2010

Done with the conference, now off to Disneyland!

After a very successful conference, a few of us (that’s Allie, Kyle, Belinda, and me) hopped on a shuttle and headed to Disney land for the evening.


When I worked for Disney in the early to mid 80’s, I had a Silver Pass and went to Disneyland at least once a month (it was, to Elisabeth, what a neighborhood park is to most kids!), but it’s been a while since I’ve been there, and everything had changed!

Well, everything except the good ol’ Disneyland Railroad Station at the front gate.IMG_7042

And Main Street.


The crowds were huge! Like I’d never seen!


Crowds or no crowds, some of us were downright giddy!


IMG_7056   We played like a bunch of school girls at The Mad Hatter…

IMG_7066 IMG_7067 IMG_7068 IMG_7070 IMG_7071

(Kyle does “Goofy” so well!)

IMG_7072  IMG_7075

Of course, we had to pose in all the usual places…

IMG_7076 IMG_7078

But we went on a good number of rides and walked most of the park, too.  Problem was, it was already dark, so I couldn’t get any good distance shots, try as I might!

Once we found a place to settle in front of Cinderella’s Castle for the big fireworks show, I was able to get a few shots…IMG_7084 IMG_7088 IMG_7095

IMG_7103 IMG_7109

But only video does any justice to the show, which was the BEST fireworks show I’ve ever seen (and just as good, though completely different, from my hotel room)!

The theme of the show was “dreams do come true,” and somehow they were able to include sound tracks and dialogue and sound effects from Disneyland rides over the past 30+ years.  It was awesome, and even sentimental… for me, at least!

The Star Wars segment was a bit bizarre.  Combining Cinderella's Castle with Star Wars was a bit of a stretch – but the lasers were pretty cool (and even more amazing from my hotel room)!

It was well after midnight when we headed back down Main Street.

IMG_7161 IMG_7164

By the time we got back on the bus, we were all just about spent!  I loved watching Allie enjoy her first trip to Disneyland as much as the most enthusiastic 5-year-old!


It plum tuckered that girl OUT!

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Goofball said...

oh help, I realise it's been 14 years since I was there

Kookabunga said...

Wow, you really do have a lot of energy to even THINK about blogging all this. Good for you! Many thanks for posting. It was a blast and I will share this link with my peeps so I don't have to explain it all. :-)

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