Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Red Angel

After hearing about Toby’s death today, I had a very hard time heading to the office and concentrating on work.  My thoughts just kept drifting to childhood memories when we were as close to our cousins as we were to our own siblings.  That slowly changed as we grew up and each headed in our own direction, but the memories and the emotions remain strong and I struggled today to focus on anything but Toby and the immense loss that so many people who love him are feeling.

There’s a single tree outside my office window. In the winter its branches are bare and the tree is barely noticeable.  In the spring, soft pink blossoms begin to fill in the spaces.  I’ve hardly noticed that the tree has become lush and green over the summer – until today.

Today, shortly after I arrived at the office with a tight throat and stinging eyes, this bird appeared on the branches of the tree. I’ve never seen this -- or any -- bird on the tree before and I sat motionless, staring at him.  He, in turn, sat motionless, staring at me. And so it went for what seemed like forever, until I was called into a meeting.IMG_6347

When I returned to my office the bird was gone.  I’d really like it if he comes back again someday and treats me to another stare-down.

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Goofball said...

wow...this gives me chills. Glad you saw this little red angel

Anonymous said...

Toby showing his love. How amazing!

Lynn said...

What a beautiful message sent by this red angel. So sorry for your loss, Carol.


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