Saturday, July 31, 2010

Spokane (and Corvettes!)

Tom and I headed to Spokane yesterday for the wedding of his best friend from junior high.  n the way we werethrilled to see ever more windmills on the barren (but windy) chaparral covered hills of Eastern Washington.



When we cross the Columbia River near The Gorge at George (where fabulous concerts take place every summer), I begged Tom to snap a few photos, since I was driving.


Also since I was driving, I took advantage of our agreed upon “driver’s prerogative” and stopped at the Wild Mustang Monument overlooking the river.  Looking one way, I saw this:

IMG_5769 IMG_5774

And turning about 45 degrees, I saw this:

IMG_5771 IMG_5781

And turning another 45 degrees, I saw this!


That’s Tom reading about Kauai in the car!  hey dude – be here now!


I love the Eastern Washington evening sky in the summer!


When we got to Spokane, we lucked out with a hotel upgrade that put us in an executive suite with an amazing view of the river and were treated to a fabulous breakfast buffet this morning.


After breakfast we went for a walk (accompanied by a sudden summer rainfall) in Riverfront Park.


I loved this newly-planted tree…


…which was planted with love and is sure to grow big and strong.

IMG_5800 IMG_5802

What a gorgeous park!

IMG_5806 IMG_5807 IMG_5813 IMG_5819 IMG_5824

And then suddenly, as if the heavens had opened up and rained Corvettes instead of raindrops, we came upon this:


…and Tom was in heaven.  (Marco, you would have been too!)

IMG_5828 IMG_5830 IMG_5832 IMG_5837 IMG_5845

Do you see the love in his eyes?  (As I post this, he’s on his iMac, searching “Corvette, for sale.”

IMG_5856 IMG_5858 IMG_5859

So if he buys one of these beauts, this is the company he’ll keep:



IMG_5849 IMG_5853

Can we say “old geezer” and “mid-life crisis”?!

Heading up to Tom’s sisters cabin (where I hope there’s wifi!) on Lake Pend Oreille after the wedding today.  My first plan is to swim across Bottle Bay, a distance of, oh, about a half a mile.  Tom will be in the kayak along my side, with my camera at his side.  Stand by…

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Margaret said...

Perfect photos--I love Spokane! However, I hate Corvettes. They do scream mid-life crisis. ;)

Lorrene said...

Men!!!! They are able to get out of the car to look at a Corvette.
Wild horses and beautiful scenery just didn't move him.


Goofball said...

ooooooh now I get so many memories of the get togethers we had with exchange students in Spokane

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