Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This’ll force me out of hiding!

Call it outreach, call it marketing, call it self-inflicted humiliation, or call it ego. It’s probably a combination of all of the above.

I had a blast playing on Zazzle (very cool site!) today and created this “Performance Micro-Fiber” shirt to wear at the Danskin Triathlon next month:



Sure, it’s a way to market my blog (and my first venture into advertising it), but more than that I hope it’ll solicit a friendly wave, maybe a smile or an encouraging word or two, and if I’m really lucky, it might even help invite a conversation with a new friend.

So if you see me gasping, limping, or moaning, yell at me to buck up, quit the whining, and get moving. 

Then paddle, peddle, or hobble up next to me, introduce yourself, and we’ll do this thing together! 

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Anonymous said...

I had thought about that too. And making mugs. I think you've just inspired me to give it a try.

Carol said...

Very cool, Smitten! But ya gotta post your creations on you... you DO have a blog, yes? URL?


jennifer said...

pedal not peddle!

(Unless you're planning to sell your bike??)

Glad to know I'll be able to watch out for you via that shirt. I'll just be another of the masses in some unremarkable black speedo and bike shorts.

Carol said...

Jennifer, we must find a way to meet up!


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