Tuesday, July 06, 2010

July 6th: The first day this year that the temperature in Seattle hit 76 degrees!

And what happens?  Everyone comes out to play!

After riding 21 miles with Tom yesterday, I walked 3 miles around Green Lake with Elisabeth today. Last time I swam was a half-mile on Saturday.  So I’ve had at least a day of rest between legs of this upcoming Danskin triathlon, and I’m totally exhausted.  Can I really do all events back-to-back in one day a little over a month from now? 


Paddle boards…


…and paddle boats.

IMG_5484 IMG_5485 IMG_5493 IMG_5494

Yeah, just a tad crowded.  But hey, we’re Seattleites… we’re a friendly crowd!

IMG_5496 IMG_5500

We were just innocently walking around the lake and somehow we ended up at Ben & Jerry’s.  I am sooo confuuuused! ;-)



See that white bump?  That’s…


THE Mountain!  I just love it when “the Mountain is out.”

IMG_5509 IMG_5513

Tomorrow is supposed to be even hotter – like in the 80’s.  I will be complaining.  79 is about the most I can handle.  (Yes, I DO intend to stay here…)

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Tonya said...

I want Elizabeth's figure. *sigh* (Actually, even at her age I never had that figure...)

Tonya said...

BTW, do you read...Chinese? Or Kanji? Or whatever that is? (hmm)

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