Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A man with a wedding ring!

Remember when I met the man with no wedding ring for lunch

This weekend I bought that poor man a NEW wedding ring.

Yes, more than 27 years after Tom and I exchanged vows and I slipped this ring on his finger…


… I bought him this very lightweight, totally scratch resistant, very manly Titanium wedding ring.


Tom’s always liked the original wedding ring.  In fact, according to him, he likes it so much that he’s afraid he’ll scratch  it (riiiiight…), so historically he only wore it on “special occasions” like weddings and job interviews.  (Riiiiight.  Job interviews?  Yeah, that was my reaction too!)

Ultimately, the original ring was just too angular and was never comfortable on his finger and after a few hours or days he just ended up removing it. 

This went on for… oh, about 27 years or so.

Some times it’s bothered me more than other times, but I’m married to a phenomenally good-looking man and, although I’m not the jealous type, I know there are women who scope out men’s left hands and I don’t want anyone thinking that this gorgeous guy is anywhere close to available! :-)

We talked about this issue as one of our “areas of conflict” at the couples workshop that we attended in February and we decided then that we’d find Tom a comfortable ring that he wouldn’t be tempted to take off.  But life got busy and we just never followed through. 

Then this weekend, when I attended the workshop again as a TGRI employee I realized that I really should look for a ring for Tom, so on the way home I found this one…


  Nice, eh?

And the best part, he actually likes it!


I don’t want to jinx things here, but I think this ring just might live a real life away from that dang jewelry box and on my husband’s finger.

We should celebrate with a lunch date, don’tcha think?

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Lynn said...

What a great looking ring! Love the simple design--and titanium too! Very nice!

Anonymous said...

I lost my wedding ring about three years after we were married. I bought another silver ring just to wear on my left hand. When we were in Scotland a few weeks ago I tried to talk my husband into getting new celtic bands together but we never really had time to shop much. It's nice that you're not so tied to the meaning of the first ring. I think it's nice to update your look. It's almost like renewing your vows.

AstroYoga said...

Isn't it amazing how long it takes us to sort out the little details that make such a big difference in relationships?!!?

Goofball said...

ooh I so love the no-nonsense straight style of this ring. Great choice

jennifer said...

Titanium! I didn't know you could get titanium rings. Both my husband and I have titanium bicycles. Maybe for our 20th anniversary next year we should get new Ti rings to match!

Carol said...

Yes, Jennifer! Indestructible, lightweight, and relatively inexpensive titanium. He's still wearing it, two weeks later!


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