Monday, October 12, 2009

Night bandits

These are just two of the band of six (or more?!)raccoons that invaded our recycle bins on our deck tonight.  And the others were quite a bit bigger than these little guys!  Shasta was barking ferociously and I tried to shoo them by yelling at them and throwing a tennis ball at them, and they weren’t the least bit fazed!


Had the cats – or even Shasta --been out there, these guys could have shredded them for sure.  I think it’s time to find another place for our recyclables!

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Sam said...

It took me a while to spot the second one down in the corner!!! Fortunately we don't get such animals round our bins except for foxes and probably quite rarely at that.

jennifer said...

Careful of your kitties! Bring them in once dusk starts to hit. I had an unfortunate raccoon-on-cat attack many years ago; my cats have been indoor-only (unless I was out with them - doing yardwork or something) since then. Scary.

Goofball said...

ooooh raccoons, they look so cute. Jan was so disappointed in our trip through canada that he's only seen one dead one.

right now we have a horny neighbourhood cat visiting our garden. that sure beats your raccoons don't you think? :p

Goofball said...

(I do realize they are a pain if that wasn't clear in my last comment)

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