Saturday, October 10, 2009

Delayed gratification in the garden







I’ve decided that planting bulbs is an expression of my spirituality.  Planting them in the first place means that I have some sort of faith in the future and in winter turning to spring.  And because I have a completely brown thumb (just ask Tom) and can’t seem to grow anything at all, I’ll have to pray really hard in hopes that something blossoms.

And really, how can you not believe in good stuff when this follows you around all day long:


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Margaret said...

I like the way you express the idea of planting--having hope that spring will come. (as we head into fall/winter) The doggie has hope!! :)

christina said...

Nice! As long as the deer don't get at them you'll be fine. I love watching everything pop up in the spring, especially since I can never remember where I planted the bulbs.

Your yard is looking fabulous. Reminds me a lot of my parents' place.

Goofball said...

wow, I never gave so much spiritual thoughts in planting bulbs!

Sasha is soooo cute. Can you hug her for me, please?

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