Thursday, October 15, 2009

Big Boy Toy Wishes


My dad has an old-fashioned postcard from the 1930’s with a picture of two white-haired old men in full 3-piece suits on their bellies on the floor, playing with a model railroad. Given the boyish grins on their faces and their complete physical immersion in their experience, they might as well have been 4-year-old boys!

Watching Tom and a complete stranger admiring the K-Nex display at Costco this evening reminded me of my dad’s postcard. “I want one…” they both said, almost in unison. And then they just stood there together for a few moments, admiring the toy.

That’s when I captured this photo.

A few seconds later, with just a nod, they both walked off in opposite directions, back to their grown-up lives with their grown-up wives, off to find kitty litter.

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Unknown said...

This is hilarious. My hubby and I were at Costco last night and we saw that exact kinex. We both said versions of "that's so cool" too.

Goofball said...

boys will always be boys....I often find Jan on the floor when we visit our little nephews: he's doing the playing , my nephew watches :)

Heidi said...

My husband was about ready to buy it for our 5 year old son, though I nixed that simply because he already has something similar and gets very frustrated trying to put it together and I don't have the patience to help him. That and all those little parts and pieces....shudder. (Said as a mom.)

Still, I had to laugh because I know JUST what you are talking about. :)

Anon said...

Let him get one. It's a better mid-life-crises toy than a motorcycle (or worse).

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