Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I just KNEW it!

I can’t remember how I found Tonya and her wonderful blog (Kingfisher Cove), but I immediately knew that she and I were peas in a pod.  Not only do we share so many of the same attitudes and interests, but we tend to constantly be on the same wavelength!  It’s just little things, but it’s a continual, almost spooky, similarity.

IMG_1565Today, Tonya and I finally, we met in person.  And it was absolutely NO surprise to me that we hit it off fabulously, just as we’d hit it off online!  She’s exactly who I know her to be online and who I expected her to be in person – warm and friendly, articulate and intelligent, funny and sweet.  We chatted for almost two hours, about our families, our jobs, our blogs, and just generally about life.

I cheated on my Weight Watchers program (OK, I didn’t “cheat” as much as I probably used ALL my flex points for the week), but I have to say it was worth it!  The appetizers –filet mignon strips, scallops, and breaded artichoke hearts --were out of this world! 

Thanks Tonya, for the wonderful time!  Let’s definitely do it again soon!

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Tonya said...

It was so much fun! I can't stop grinning!

Margaret said...

That's great. Tonya is a wonderful person. Don't you just love her laugh?

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