Saturday, October 10, 2009

Experimenting with Microsoft Movie Maker and dog training. Obviously I'm much more successful at one than the other. Sigh

I really should be working, but it’s Saturday morning and I’m really tired of working all the frikkin’ time, so I decided to experiment with Movie Maker. This movie is my first attempt. I put this together in a few minutes without reading any instructions and just muddling my way through intuitively. Obviously, I need to spend more time on the edit feature, as this is a bit too long. But I’m so thrilled to have finally found an easy, intuitive movie maker program with a true graphical interface.

Oddly enough, I’ve spent the past 8 months managing the development of a series of kiosk demos in English and a gazillion localizations for Windows Live that showcases their applications like Live Writer (which I love), Live Messenger (which I use for work), Live Mail (which I don’t use), Photo Gallery (which I don’t use, but should probably look into), and this program, Movie Maker.

Most of the work I do for Microsoft pertains to applications and programs I don’t use personally – stuff like SQL Server, Windows Mobile, Visio, Surface, Azure, and Office for Mac… but the project I’m working on for Windows Live is much more personally relevant… especially after today!

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jennifer said...

Hilarious! We didn't do much better training our Golden. It was much more fun to wrestle with us and have us pry the tennis ball out of her mouth than it was to bring it back! Shasta's a beautiful dog.

c said...

That was wonderful. Shasta has such expressive eyes! Does she want you to go after her to get the ball or can she/he just not give it up? Very fun to watch video.

Goofball said...

I love your pets....can they come over for a visit??

Shriyansi said...

Love the video and luuuuv beautiful Shasta! I haven't had much luck with my cocker spaniel either! :) My boxer though, loves to play fetch... the trouble is getting him to stop! :D

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