Saturday, January 21, 2012

Slushy in Seattle

After a week of being cooped up in the house while it stormed and snowed and iced outside, I couldn’t stand it anymore and today I just HAD to get out.  Problem is, our neighborhood is still essentially snowed in… or rather, slushed in, with the local hilly roads being rutty with wet, melting snow, making it really hard to drive a normal 2-wheel drive.

So, while Tom took the 4-wheel-drive truck to do some of his errands, I took my own two legs to do mine and I headed out to walk – or, as it turned out, trudge -- to the local store, about a mile away. 

This is what I encountered:


Where is all that melting snow gonna go?  The ground is completely saturated already!

Unfortunately, I no longer have any snow pants or boots because they were cut off me in the emergency room three years ago


So I trudged to the store and back in these boots from Kristin (remember THAT great story?!). 


Dumb move!  By the time I got home with a backpack full of groceries, not only were the boots completely soaked, but my socks and feet were drenched as well.

Tom arrived home from his errands just as I arrived home, took one look at my boots and pants (which were soaking wet up to my knees) and insisted on taking me to REI to get “real winter boots.”  I told him that boots on clearance at Target are fine with me, but noooooo….

So bring on the next snowstorm, dudes.  My feet will be dry and warm!  (And hey -- bring on some summer hiking in the Cascades and Olympics, too!  I am ready now!)


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Margaret said...

I was at REI in Bellingham with my daughter and her b/f today--and they have awesome boots there. I'm hoping the fact that you have these wonderful ones will NOT bring us more snow. I'm pretty done with winter right now!

Anonymous said...

Uggs were never meant for snow/ice anyway.

Have you put up a railing on those treacherous front steps yet?

jennifer said...

Ahhh, good for you, Merrells are wonderful. I have a pair of waterproof Merrell slip-ons boots that I bought when I first moved to the PNW (6 years ago) and I still love them. Now I'm in fear for when they give out on me because the company doesn't make that style anymore!

Our slush is completely gone (Bellingham) thanks to 5 hours of 50 mph wind, rain, and 50 degree temperatures. That'll do it. Lots of puddles though.

Kathrin said...

I agree with anonymous. I'm glad you made it back all right! I'm sure Tom would have taken you to the store when he got back.
Do you have the railing up?

Goofball said...

you post those pictures and I think "oh no, don't fall , be carefull, think of your anckle"

those boots look good though

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