Monday, August 29, 2011

Four months of Golden friendship–and counting


Cute, yes.  But what insanity moved us to remodel the kitchen and get a puppy at the same time, I’ll never know…!

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Lorrene said...

You can just see the love they have for each other. So adorable....

Anon said...

They are lovely together.

Does Shasta ever run off? She doesn't appear to have an electric collar. How'd you make her like that, since you've said you aren't much of a trainer? I notice the puppy is on a lead, so she's not there yet.

Carol said...

Shasta USED to run off! For years! Such a naughty dog. But now she's like an old lady who just likes to stay near home. Quinn is still tied up when outside, but I have a feeling she'll not be the "run off" kind of dog. She just wants to be where Shasta is, doing what Shasta does.

Ashley D said...

SO cute Carol! Love checking your blog for puppy updates. Hope everything is going well!


Goofball said...

Quinn is changing so fast

I want the invention of 3D pictures where I can touch too...they look so fluffy and soft

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