Sunday, August 07, 2011

The continuing saga of our dramatic kitchen remodel

This remodel has consumed our lives lately, and my over-riding thought throughout the process has been, ‘How do families with little kids remodel their kitchens?!’  I can’t even imagine…

A few “before” photos always add to the drama:

Current counter 1IMG_0006Current counter wall 2


The first thing we had to do this weekend was empty the fridge so we could move it across the kitchen to a wall we didn’t need to disturb yet.  I had help.


Once it was empty and moved across the room, I took some photos for my future posting to Craigslist to sell the thing.  Anyone want a fridge?


My dear sister-in-law, who came to visit for the weekend, helped out by covering all the furniture in the nearby living room…


… to protect it from what was to come. 

We decided to, um… stay out of Tom’s way by heading to the mall for a few hours.  Nice of us, huh?

When we left, there was still a wall.


We came home to this dramatic undertaking:

“And the walls… come tumbling down!”



And NOW look at the place!


(That low wall is where our bar-height counter will be.)


I love the completely new open feeling!


On the list for today is installation of a new, bigger window.  Stand by for that saga!

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Heidi said...

Oh it's going to be SO nice!!! I love that you are putting in a bigger window. I was thinking that I would do the same thing in your situation when I looked at the before pictures. Can't wait to see what you've done!

As for the fridge, what are the dimensions and how much are you selling it for on Craigslist?? I might be interested. :) WE are looking to replace the fridge in our garage, but can't really afford to replace it with something new. Someday I will remodel my kitchen, but I'm thinking that might still take a while. :) In the meantime, I'll live vicariously through your remodel! :)

Lorrene said...

Is that a cat on corner of the counter saying, "What the hell happened here?"

Carol said...

Lorenne, Bailey does seem to be wondering what on earth is happening! The animals have been amazingly adaptive... but damn, this is SOOO much harder with a PUPPY!

Heidi, I responded to you privately. Let me know if you're interested in the fridge. It's old, but faithful!

Goofball said...

opening up walls is so cool

so funny that Boo or Bailey (?) is sitting there casually as if all is normal

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