Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kitchen Obsession

Sorry I’ve been absent.  I’ve been up to my eyeballs in this project management endeavor:


Current counter 1IMG_0006

Planned wall removals. (And actually, since these photos were taken and since our visit with a structural engineer, we’ve decided to remove just about the entire wall!)

7-22-2011 9-16-43 AM cut-out indicated

7-22-2011 9-18-43 AM cut-outS indicated (DR)

Cool schematics of our general plans using a virtual Kitchen Designer tool:

7-19-2011 11-31-35 AM7-19-2011 11-40-54 AMSchematic cut-out planswith sandstone and paint

Our already-selected granite slab, “virtually cut” for our kitchen:

Our slab - updated

The cabinets we’ll likely order later this week:

Escoffierglass cabinet doors

Flooring and backsplash TBD:

Builders Interiors floor 1IMG_0031IMG_0103


lighting 4

We signed loan papers yesterday, so this is definitely happening!  Although I’ve always insisted that Tom cannot do our kitchen remodel for fear that it’ll take forever, he’s doing a huge amount of prep work while we wait 5 weeks or so for the cabinets -- like taking out walls, installing a bigger window and skylight, moving electricity, running a gas line, and installing the floor (thought the kitchen and also in the dining room).  By Fall, we should have a whole new kitchen!  After that, the main bathroom remodel will seem like a piece of cake.

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Michelle said...

Can't wait to see the finish product. Tell Kim and Zach they need to do this. It looks really great. I am excited for you. :)

Anon said...


Don't forget to plan for lighting under cabinets. It has such a huge impact and people always forget about it til it's too late and it's difficult to add later.

Carol said...

Yes, Anon. Great suggestion -- and I agree, so important!

jennifer said...

Hey Carol - haven't seen you blog about the Danskin Tri (two weeks from Sunday). After last year's Tri, you and both daughters planned to do it this year. So, what's the status? Will I see you there?

I'm wondering if the kitchen project is taking away from the lure of the Danskin! :)

Carol said...


Elisabeth and I WILL be doing the tri -- with my cousin and niece! I've been Facebooking about some of my workouts, but you're right that I'm not blogging it (or anything else... sigh) as much as I did last year -- probably because I haven't been training as much as I did last year! Yes, I AM petrified! I even have a biz trip to Toronto the entire week before the tri. Will you be doing it too? (And hey, are we not Facebook friends? That would be so NOT right!)


Tonya said...

Oh, it's going to be AMAZING! And oh my gosh, what an undertaking.

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