Sunday, September 04, 2011

Another kitchen update

I know that we’re closer to having a brand new kitchen – and I can especially tell from Tom’s level of exhaustion, which is significant.  But until I actually see the cabinets being installed, and until the granite is laid and the new appliances are hooked up, I’m not sure that I’ll believe that the day will ever come that we actually have a new kitchen.

Poor Tom is working a full-time schedule at Boeing, then coming home every single night and working on the kitchen.  He is beyond exhausted – and when Tom is exhausted he (unlike me) draws inward, so although he’s around, he’s kinda not.  I miss him.

So here’s what’s been done already:

  • Full demolition of the old kitchen, down to the studs


  • Re-routing electrical and adding new lines and outlets for under/in-cabinet lighting, pendant lights, etc.


  • Re-routing plumbing for new fridge location


  • Installation of bigger window


  • New wallboard everywhere.  Taping and mudding.


  • Installation of a gas line for our new gas stove (Tom says this, and this alone, is what sometimes keeps him motivated)


And here’s what’s left to do before the cabinets arrive a week from this Monday:

  • Sanding the taped, mudded wallboard.  (This will be my job today.)


  • Installation of the new tile floor.  These are the tiles we chose.  Too dark?


This is what the tile looks like next to our (exact) granite slab, along with a cabinet that’s similar to the ones we’ll install.  (The color is the same but the style we selected has slightly wider rails.)


And here are the cabinet handles that we just special ordered yesterday.  I love them!

Pulls and handles

Some day… SOMEDAY

7-19-2011 11-31-57 AM

I just created a Picasa album with a whole lotta photos.  If you’re up for it, have at it:

Picasa web album: Kitchen remodel, Summer 2011

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Kathrin said...

Hi Carol, hope all is well and the reno is coming to an end. You haven't posted in a while... Miss you.

Carol said...

Hi Katrin,

Bless your loyal heart! :-) Dang Facebook has taken over my blog! You're right that I should keep the blog going! I'll post by this weekend. Yes, the kitchen is nearly finished -- finally! It looks fabulous!



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