Monday, May 30, 2011

Anniversary trip, day 2: Lake Crescent, Hurricane Ridge, and Alderbrook Resort

The skies weren’t blue and clear, as the weather reports had led us to believe and hope, but I’ve decided that perhaps clear blue skies are over-rated. 

OK, that’s not true; I’m just trying to cope with incessant clouds and gray, even at the end of May.

Before we headed out of Port Angeles, we watched as the old fashioned ship (a replica, of course) left the harbor. 


Looking back from the dock, we could see the Olympic Mountains peeking out from the clouds, beckoning us. 


I assured Tom that, by 1:00 the skies at Hurricane Ridge would be clear.  I know, I’m bold in that way.

To begin our day, we took a short side-trip to Crescent Lake.  It’s much larger than I remember, but just as beautiful.


The Crescent Lake Lodge is surrounded by blooming spring flowers…DSC_0388

…and is so… well, lodgy inside. And I mean that in the best way.


Around noon, we headed up to Hurricane Ridge.  Per the weather report, the skies had one hour to clear, dammit.


The skies were temperamental and tortured, changing by the minute.  The sun tried its best to find a way out, but the clouds just kept building and rolling.


We had the obligatory photo of us taken.


Is that a halo I see? (Definitely not!)

I’d love to see the photos this guy was shooting!


Next stop, the Alderbrook Resort and Spa, where the architecture and the grounds are stunning and the service is absolutely impeccable.  Every detail is considered here and we feel pampered, yet not smothered.


Our neighbor, Kim is the Sales Manager for the resort and was able to reserve this waterfront beauty for us…


…with this view.


A few minutes after we arrived, champagne was delivered for us!


Try as we might, we just couldn’t finish the whole bottle.  We got close, though!

Our dinner at the Alderbrook Resort restaurant was truly the best meal I have had in years.  I rarely eat steak, but this one… oh. my. god.  Delicious!


Tom has seared ahi and raved about his meal a well. 


And the service was impeccable!  Perfectly timed, attentive, friendly. 

They even graced us with a sunset!



After breakfast, we’ll kayak a bit and then head home and back to real life, where Kat has a surprise waiting for us!  (Yes, I’ll post it.)

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Michelle said...

Glad you liked the Alderbrook. Thats my sister making your day even a better one. She always think of the I love you gifts too. The pictures were wonderful. You took me on another vacation. Boy was it a great one too.

The Borrowed Nest said...

If the weather cooperates, we'll head up this week-end - I've been dying to go ever since you posted these photos :)

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