Wednesday, May 25, 2011

28th Anniversary Fieldtrip: The Plan

Tom and I got married over Memorial Day weekend 28 (gulp!) years ago.  My thinking then was that we could go away for a long anniversary trip together each and every year.

Pffffft!  Obviously that was before we had four kids within five years!

For many, many, (many) years, we hardly ever got away alone together because we had four kidlets at home – and who would take four kids under the age of, oh, 18, for three full days?!  But now those four kids are adults who are willing to come back and pet/slash/house-sit so Tom and I can get away for our anniversary. 

And THIS is where we’ll be going:

Anniversary Trip 2011

This all started when our wonderful neighbor, Kim (Abby’s mom) reminded me that Alderbrook Resort, where she works (remotely - she doesn’t commute there every day!) has a Memorial Day special.  We’ve been wanting to head over there for over a year now and what better opportunity than an anniversary get-away? 

So on Saturday morning (oh, please, please, please, weather gods, shine on us!) we’ll get on a ferry*…


and head to “the Ports” – Port Ludlow…


Port Hadlock,


The Dungeness Spit, home to -- yeah, those…


Port Townsend,


and Port Angeles, where we’ll stay in this hotel on the water.

5-25-2011 7-16-24 PM

On Sunday morning we’ll take a short trip to one of the most beautiful lakes in Washington, Lake Crescent. 


And from there, we’ll head into Olympic National Forest to visit Hurricane Ridge, from where (on a clear day) you can see pretty all (or a whole lot of, anyway) the Olympic Mountains.  We’ve lived in Washington for almost 20 years now, and I’ve never been to Hurricane Ridge!


And then we’ll head here, to Alderbrook Resort and Spa, which deserves a few photos (right from their website)!



(Yes, we have a waterfront room reserved for us!)



I am so looking forward to some kayaking (oh, pretty please, weather gods, with a cherry on top, please shine on us!), some hiking, and maybe even a spa treatment… or just a good book (suggestions?) and a long nap.

On Monday we’ll head back eastward, but hopefully we won’t be in too much of a hurry (unless Kim calls us to inform us that 50 cars are parked in front of our house… but that’s so “I’m in high school and my parents are gone for the weekend…!”), so maybe we’ll stop somewhere on the way back. 

But where? 

And hey, did we miss a “must-see”?  If you’ve had some great experiences around the northeast corner of the Olympic Peninsula, do let us know!

*Photos in this post courtesy of Google images and websites indicated there… but photos in future posts regarding this trip will be courtesy of me!

**PS:  Kat, can I borrow your Nikon?  Smile

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Unknown said...

Crescent Lake is one of my favorite places, so beautiful & peaceful. I have hiked Hurricane Ridge - AWESOME hike with AMAZING views. Sounds like a wonderful weekend you have planned! I am jealous :-)

Margaret said...

It looks wonderful; I love that trip! I'm scared of the road up to Hurricane Ridge (more like terrified) but it's gorgeous once you get up there. Lake Crescent is wonderful. Have you thought about visiting the Ho Rainforest? It's up in that area.

LBaum said...

What a wonderful getaway ... and you're going to some of our favorite places. We go to the Olympic Peninsula as often as possible. Oh, I hope the weather cooperates. Although it's a wonderful area in any weather, when the sun is shining and the water is blue (and Crescent Lake is that amazing azure blue), especially while there's still snow on the mountains, there's no more beautiful place anywhere--and it's so close!

I can't believe you've never been to Hurricane Ridge! In the summer, it reminds me of the Sound of Music! Mt. Walker is a must see too, if the weather is good (and if the road is open--check first). Amazing views up there and if you hold your arms out with pieces of chips or pretzels, the juncoes will land on your arms and eat right out of your hands! The Dungeness Spit is great--we often take visiting relatives and friends there, as well as Hurricane Ridge. You must stop at Fat Smitty's for a burger! Incredible awesome burgers (check out my photo album on FB for Father's Day at Fat Smitty's!). It's on the way to Sequim--I think it's around Discovery Bay, and easy to miss because it's on a curve and kind of hidden until you're right on it. If Fat Smitty's isn't open (it often isn't) Lake Crescent Lodge is a cool place to have lunch, overlooking the lake--and Marymere Falls is nearby. A nice hike to the falls which are gorgeous.

There's so much more! Have a great time! I'll keep my fingers crossed for the weekend. I think I heard that Sunday is supposed to be better than Monday.


Jean said...

Carol, I am back here on Monday and we are 20 minutes from Alderbrook if you would like to sample some of our wonderful tumbled oysters and Mediterranean mussels that we grow on our shellfish farm for lunch. You should top it off with Olympic Mountain ice cream and a nice drive to the High Steel Bridge. Two things not to be missed! On a clear day, there is a great view of Rainier on the drive up to the bridge. The drive takes you through farmland.

In Brinnon, if you drive up to the top of Mount Walker, it has a breathtaking view of the entire Canal (two lookouts). On a clear day, you can see Seattle! Brinnon is on your way from PA to Alderbrook.

Olympic Mountain ice cream is available at Hoodsport Coffee Company in Hoodsport, Hunter Farms on HWY 106 a few miles west of Alderbrook, and the Lilliwaup General Store in Lilliwaup. WARNING - it will spoil you for all other ice cream. Jack Daniels Praline with Fudge Ribbon is a local favorite.

If you want a romantic dinner place near Alderbrook (skip the resort) with great food, try Robin Hood Pub and Restaurant down the street. The restaurant and pub serve the same food, so pick your favorite ambiance. Two Margaritas Mexican is also very good.

FYI - There are only two places you can get tumbled oysters, and my place is one of the two. :)

We would love to have you over. It's been a long time since we have seen you. I get back Sunday, so it's no trouble. We love to share our shellfish, and we just caught shrimp today and you can try famous Hood Canal shrimp too if you like.

Michelle said...

Have fun on your get a way with your husband. Happy Anniversary. You will love Alderbrook. The cottages are great too. Take the kids and stay in them. A real party then.

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