Sunday, May 22, 2011

How to transform your living room in just a few hours -- and spend just a few bucks doing it

Look what we (and by “we,” I mean Tom) did in just a few hours yesterday!

We brought our living room from this…


…to this!



You know how, when you have a project planned, you get up bright and early, rarin’ to get started? 

We don’t!

We were doing this at about noon…


Then it was off to Home Depot to buy paint and supplies (and look at refrigerators and plants… and then go out for a leisurely late lunch).

By the time this photo was taken, it was probably 4:30 or 5.


You know how Pioneer Woman will use any opportunity to show off Marlboro Man’s backside?  You know how he’s usually standing beside his trusty steed, looking oh, so debonair?

This is Northwest Ladybug’s Remodel Man, looking oh, so busy whipped sexy beside his trusty (and self-made!)… um… river rock fireplace.  I know, it lacks that special ring.  But what it lacks there it makes up in… hmmm – devotion?


The reason why Tom is doing the work and not me is because I would have barely taped anything…


I probably wouldn’t have done a careful test swatch…


I might not have painted carefully around the edges first…


And I wouldn’t have known to pre-clean the brush by creating some fine art.

At this point, blink and you’ll miss it!


By 8:00 PM or so (see, it’s still light outside!)  it was all done!


And only about 16 hours after beginning (and that includes a good eight hours of sleep), it looked like this!




Next – a single wall in our bedroom!

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Lorrene said...

You married one of those fixer upper guys. Wish I could find one.

Anon said...

Looks nice.

I can never get away without painting the trim (and ceiling) when I paint a room. It's always scuffed up.

I think I have too many kids.

Goofball said...

Is he for hire? I like painting but hate the taping and I lose such an incredible amount of time doing it. Amazing that het has all done it so quickly

I do not understand however what the advantage is of doing the edges first

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