Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Warm, sunny weather in Seattle! Spring is here!

Can you believe this?!

laura 061



April fools! 

It’s actually rainy/snowy today.  Sigh.

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Tonya said...

Boy do those (top) pictures make me ache. "Oh yeah, THAT'S how it can be around here!" Sigh.

Christine said...

Doh! You got me! I am so gosh darn gullible. I was sitting here thinking "Wow, what rain shadow does she live in that the sun is out just a few miles away?' I am a prime April Fool's target. Thanks goodness it's almost over!

Also, I went to see Dooce last night, too! Did you get your book signed? I stood in line for 45 minutes to see her up close for 30 seconds. TOTALLY worth it!

Anonymous said...

It rains everywhere in April, not just Seattle.

Goofball said...

come over here to visit's 18C today!

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