Monday, October 06, 2008

This is Where Judgement, Trustworthiness, and Temperment Come Into Play

HOW do we know this wouldn't happen again if McCain were to become president?

As I've always said to my kids, "I trust you completely and implicitly until and unless you give me reason otherwise... and from then forward I'll know that you've done something to betray that trust, and I can never fully and completely trust you 100% again."


I trust that Barack Obama has the temperament, the judgment and the trustworthiness to lead this country at this time when those qualities are more important than ever, both domestically and internationally.

It's about the economy, yes. But more than anything else, it's about trust and change, and I believe that Obama embodies both. I don't trust McCain. It's as simple as that.

And Palin? Just scary as hell. Absolutely mortifying that people can say, "I like her, she seems nice, like she could be my friend. I think I'll vote for her." Are they frikkin' serious? Hell, I don't think the presidency (or vice presidency) should have anything to do with who we'd like to have a drink with or go to a soccer -- sorry, hockey -- game with! (That's what got us into this mess... those middle-aged women who thought that Bush was "cute"!)

When it comes to the person who leads this country, I want someone waaaay smarter and waaaay more knowledgeable than me. It scares me that I could have actually named a few periodicals that I read and even a few supreme court rulings, and Palin couldn't. That just shouldn't happen. And now she's just getting bitchy -- and really, lipstick on a pit bull just isn't attractive.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, amen, sister!

Home's Jewels said...

I watched that interview. I don't think that she "couldn't" name the periodicals at all. Couric was trying to dig up dirt and to me it looked like Palin decided not to play her media game.

jennifer said...

Yeah, Sarah didn't want to admit that she gets her news from the Enquirer and Rush! (OK, that was mean, but I can't help it!)

Seems she could have said that she reads the Wall St Journal, doesn't everyone in public office read that?

Not to indulge in ripping the candidates personally (tired of it and the mudslinging is about to get amped up), but I'm with you on the whole "I want a regular guy in office" comments. Oh please. Do you go into the hospital for surgery and ask for a "regular guy, I'll pass on that way-smarter-than-me doctor?" Shouldn't we want the sharpest knife in the block running the country?

Anonymous said...

Homejewel has been listening to the spin.

Home's Jewels said...

Dear Anonymous: If you have something to say, why are you hiding behind your Anonymous name? I have nothing to hide.

It's not about spin. This kind of interviewing tactic is nothing new for Katie Couric. Interestingly, most of the time even Democratic liberals complain about her. Asking what she reads to get her news has nothing to do with the real issues. That is the point.

Anonymous said...

Hi Homejewel, I'm a different anonymous -- not sharing your name online is pretty common. Is your real name "homejewel?" ;)
Anyway, I think it's hardly a "media game" to ask someone what newspapers she reads! The point is that the woman couldn't even answer a simple question. I bet by that time Katie Couric was so embarrassed for her that she thought she'd lob her a softball and the pitbull STILL couldn't answer the question! And really, at this point watching Sarah Palin's recent performances and smears towards Barack Obama, I don't know how any reasonable person could feel sorry for her anymore. She's proven what she is -- McCain's attack dog.

Jen said...

Brilliant post, Carol. You've said it all.

Also, who'd really want to be friends with the "mean girl" from high school?

Margaret said...

We're not voting for the President and Vice-President of the PTA, for crying out loud. Then, I MIGHT be looking for the folksy qualities that Palin has, although I can't stand to hear her talk for more than 10 seconds at a stretch. Any full witted person could easily name several periodicals that he or she reads; that was a soft ball question of the first magnitude and meant to be nice, I'm sure. If Couric had wanted to ask difficult questions of Palin, there would have been 100s she could have chosen from--about international affairs, leaders, wars, the economy, etc...

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