Wednesday, October 22, 2008

An Open Letter to John McCain

Dear John,

If you were a true patriot and if you truly believed in "country first," you would be thinking past November 4th and realize that, no matter how this election turns out, we will ALL wake up on November 5th to a divided country in desperate need of healing. Instead, you're spending the last two weeks of your campaign acting like a suicide bomber, not only destroying yourself, but destroying everything in your path and intentionally, it seems, doing everything you can to further divide the country that you proclaim to love.

Instead of talking directly to the American people on the issues -- something that just might change a few votes -- you have decided that your best tactic at this late hour is to be hateful, divisive and petty. Why? What will that do for you? More importantly, what will that do for the country you insist that you put first? You are very obviously putting yourself first, John! The only explanation for your erratic and divisive behavior is that nothing -- NOTHING, including country -- is as important as your own ambition.

Look, I know that you've wanted this all your life and I know that it must be hard to see Barack Obama, a relative newcomer, incite such huge hope and attract such a huge and dedicated following, but it is what it is, John. You can do a lot to save yourself, your political future, and your reputation in these last weeks by changing your tone from attacking and negative to positive and progressive and talking about the issues and what you would do for this country that you opponent can't or won't do.

So my word of advice to you, Mr. McCain, is to be a man of your word, to actually PUT your country first by doing something that your friend George Bush never did do -- be a uniter, not a divider, starting right now. Because on the morning of November 5th, we ALL have to wake up and find a way to get along.

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1 comment:

vailian said...

My sentiments exactly! Is he hoping that by stirrung up hate he can frighten people into voting for him?
Has it escaped everyone's notice that Dubya has not done any campaining at all for McC? Is it because he knows what a liability he is to a Republican successor? Or has McCain told him quietly that he would prefer him to keep a low profile?

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