Saturday, October 18, 2008

A Photographers' Field Trip: From Duvall to North Bend (The Scenic Route)

Last weekend, when Tom and I drove to Pullman to visit Peter, we took the back route to Interstate 90 in order to avoid Friday afternoon traffic on State Route 405. We drove into Duvall, and then through the towns of Carnation, Stillwater and Snoqualamie on our way to North Bend, where we hopped on the freeway. (That's our route, below.) As we drove those beautiful back roads last weekend, I called Kat and asked if she'd be interested in coming back with our cameras this weekend.duvallroute

She was, of course, completely down with that idea!

So early this morning Kat and I headed back to highways 202 and 203. Here are some of the photos we took:

IMG_9253 The fog in Duvall was soupy-thick, which served as a great backdrop to this old buggy.IMG_9260

A few miles further down the road, we found the quintessential fall trail.


Signs of fall were everywhere!





We even found a pumpkin patch...


...and this little pumpkin in a pumpkin cap in the pumpkin patch!


Of course, Snoqualamie Falls was the ultimate destination!


And of course the observation deck was filled with tourists. Forgive me, but I couldn't resist taking this one...


The town of Snoqualamie is apparently where old trains go to die. There were "retired" old trains everywhere!


And of course we HAD to enjoy Mt. Si...

IMG_9366 ...from the comfort of the North Bend Outlet Mall!IMG_9370

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Treff said...

Will you just stop it now? I am trying to "integrate" into Germany and you keep making me HOMESICK for Seattle! Give a girl a break and stop taking such beautiful pictures! :)

vailian said...

The pictures are absolutely superb! Wish we could have stayed in Seattle longer, my camera finger was itching!

Sam said...

what fabulous photos, I love the one of the colourful tree and that little pumpkin is just too cute for words!

jennifer said...

I've been on nearly that same route via bicycle in the summer - it's a great "Century Ride." But it looks so nice in the fall too, maybe I should put on the muddy tires and get back out. Nice photos. p.s. there's a nice coffeeshop in Carnation: "Sandy's"

Anonymous said...

very very cool pics! I think that one of the young international (?) tourists at the falls is something to submit to a contest.

Goofball said...

wow you make me love the fall after all :p

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