Tuesday, June 03, 2008

This Could Have Been My Daughter!

E-mail from Tom to me:

I don't have Elisabeth's current e-mail address, but she should be aware of this next time she visits Bloomington.


(She lived there two summers ago as she trained for her current job.)

E-mail from me to Elisabeth:

Elisabeth, this is your mother speaking...

OK, not true. I am speechless (and thankful that this wasn't you).

E-mail from Elisabeth to me:

Holy shit. That seriously could have been me. I jumped off that EXACT cliff at that EXACT spot... Won't do it again, I promise...

And a chat, too:

me: Read your e-mail!
Elisabeth: just did. read yours.
me: Freaky.
Is that where you jumped?
OK, promise...
Elisabeth: exactly the same cliff i jumped off of
me: Shit...
Elisabeth: that's the quarry we swam at ALL THE TIME
how'd you find that?
me: I have a feeling it'll be closed off -- as it should be.
Dad found it.
Gotta go. Love ya!
Elisabeth: love you too

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Maria said...


Jen said...

Thank goodness it wasn't!

Goofball said...


we will go diving in a quarry in July. Now you've scared me. Obviously we don't make high jumps. But you still scared me.

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