Saturday, June 21, 2008

A (Planned) Weekend in the Life

I'm bound and determined to relax this weekend and not work at all until 9 PM on Sunday night (the official beginning of my work week, since it's morning in Mumbai, India).

Specifically, I intend to:

Read a book.

Finish the "surprise" scrapbooks for Aleks' and Kat's graduations.

Write. Not just blog, but write. Finally.

Watch some movies. From my bed. During the day.

Pamper myself with smelly girly stuff.

Sip cappuccino.

And, if I really can't bear not to be productive in that achieve something way, I guess I might consider:

Summer-izing the deck -- as in, power-washing the winter's moss growth off the wood, bringing out and setting up the patio set, and tidying/throwing away a winter's worth of "just-toss-it-onto-the-deck-for-now" junk.

Gardening. If I f***'in feel like it! (Being flipped off by one's gardening tools is just downright morally degrading!)

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Unknown said...

I hope you got your relaxing YOU weekend. And I love the gardening gloves, that was funny!

Christina | said...

Sorry it's taken me so long to get over here (I do have a lot on my hands), but DUDE! where did you get those coffee cups??? I so want space-saving stackable cups like that, and the spot for the saucers below is just frosting on the cake. Please share!

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