Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bring on the giving of thanks!

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday for a multitude of reasons, among them:

  1. It’s pretty hard to commercialize a holiday that centers on family, friends, and food – which means that companies and corporations have a hard time monetizing  it.
  2. There’s no religious component to it – which means that there’s no “reason-for-the-season” stuff that tends to divide people along philosophical/religious lines. If you believe in good food, friendship, and gratitude you pretty much believe in Thanksgiving!
  3. There’s nothing quite like a “tryptophan afterglow.” (Damn Black Friday for messing with this!)
  4. The colors of the season are just so beautiful.
  5. You don’t have to cook dinner for at least a few days afterwards. (And I’ll be damned if I’m cooking tonight!)
  6. The house smells amazing all day.
  7. It means that my birthday is imminent (though it never falls on Thanksgiving).  That’s not such a big deal now, but it used to be.

Because I’m not working now, I’ve been able to get a lot done before anyone shows up.  Tom is responsible for the turkey, stuffing, and gravy, so tomorrow will be busy for him, but other than making the mashed potatoes and green bean casserole, my job is done.

I even set the table using Mom’s Rosenthal dishes! And having a gorgeous new kitchen helps a lot too.  All six of us will be here, of course, and we’ll also be joined by Kat’s boyfriend Josh, as well as by at least two (and possibly four) of Elisabeth’s friends whose families live on the East Coast.  This is when it’s hard being so far away from our parents and siblings, but we make do and enjoy the day.  My dad and Lou were supposed to join us, but my dad is still recovering from open heart surgery so there was just no way.

Bring on the day!


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Anon said...

The kitchen looks great. I know it's not completely finished, but are those ugly brackets under the counter staying there? They strike me as all kinds of wrong.

Carol said...

Ya know, Anon... I agree with you! :-) I think we should paint them white (or get white ones). I'll pass your suggestion on to Tom.

Margaret said...

Love and agree with all your reasons for enjoying Thanksgiving. I'm with you all the way!! The kitchen is fantastic. I didn't even notice the brackets. My bad.

Kathrin said...

Carol, Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Your kitchen is fabulous and the table looks wonderful and inviting. I'm sure your food will be as delicious as it sounds.
I'm glad to hear that your dad is on the road of recovery.

Goofball said...

Most of your points would totally fit with my idea of Christmas, except for the religion point of course. Well christmas is commercial here too (your point one) but in our family we decided a long time ago not to stress over gifts anymore. So for me christmas (apart from religion) is gathering with friends & family and eating extensively and spending time together. I love it. Indeed, such holidays are valuable.

When I see Black Friday images, I would associate a lot of commercialism with thanksgiving too though. One day difference isn't much on a person's mind.

I hope your father is discovering well

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