Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My father's heart

Remember this video I took of my dad and his soon-to-be wife, Lou, playing a mean game of ping-pong EXACTLY three years ago today?

Well, Dad's heart isn't playing ping-pong these days. In fact, for about an hour and a half today, Dad's heart won't be pumping at all. Instead, it's (literally) being put into the capable hands of a heart surgeon who, through multiple bypass surgery, will attempt to bring oxygen back into this heart that, as of last week, was "days, not weeks" from stopping altogether.

I have never, ever heard Dad admit to being scared of anything.  But last night, when I called him to wish him well (and he was stressing over an unbalanced checkbook -- grrrrr!), he told me that he was scared -- and who wouldn't be?  Dad has never had surgery or been in the hospital for more than relatively routine procedures, so this is new for him.

I'm not the praying sort, though at times like this I envy those who are.  The most I can do today is think positive thoughts, fill my own heart and mind with the love I feel for my daddy, and trust that the universe is working exactly as it should.  Your positive thoughts, in whatever form they work for you, are welcome as well.

I love you, Dad.  I trust your heart, just like I always have.  Everything will be fine.

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Goofball said...

my thoughts are with you

Lorrene said...

God bless your Dad.I will pray for a total and complete recovery.

Susanne said...

Sending good wishes your way....

Kathrin said...

I hope your Dad is on his road to recovery by now!

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