Wednesday, October 19, 2011

In the Pacific Northwest, moss always wins

Dear hubby,

It seems that you might have won a battle or two but you have definitely lost the war. 

You simply can’t fight moss in the Pacific Northwest and expect to win.  A lawn?  You want a LAWN?  I think your “lawn” wants to be moss.


OK, I agree that one COULD take a gestalt view of all this and conclude that our backyard looks like lawn…


“Oh, what a lovely backyard lawn!” someone might say, when they’re looking at our backyard from a distant vantage point.

But when you look closely, you really have to admit…


…that our yard wants to be moss.  It’s begging to be moss! 

Lush, bright green, needs-no-mowing, fends-for-itself MOSS!

What do you say, Mr. Environmental Engineer?  Can we wave the white hanky and surrender?

(Quinn would like to remind you that it’s Be Kind to Moss week month year.)



Your defeated wife (and diggy dog)

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Heidi said...

My husband keeps fighting the same battle. He keeps putting down iron because it kills the moss, but I think it's a losing battle. :)

Tom Snider said...

I will not be defeated.

Heidi said...

LOL Tom, that's what my husband says also. :)

Goofball said...

we also defeated to our non-lawn...and put in artificial grass and love it since

(mind you, it's a tiny city garden and we have a real garden to tame in the Ardennes...still, result is way better & fun than I anticipated)

Susanne said...

Too funny! Even in Texas we have to fight the fight to maintain our lawn. With no rain in like 6 months,and lots of weeds!
My husband is still trying to win the
I am all for artificial grass after this

jennifer said...

Did Tom sign up with a Blogger profile just to leave a comment on today's blog??

Carol said...


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